Infant & Adult Circumcisions
Rabbi Meir Sultan, C.M. Mohel





The Mohel

As Director of a Pediatric Emergency Department at a major children’s hospital, I was thoroughly impressed. His technical skills were masterfully performed with exquisite attention to detail and his personal interactions with the group during the ceremony and instructions to the family were all beautifully conveyed. His demeanor is calming, his after-care instructions were detailed and artfully spoken, and he even provided a home visit a few days later. Wow, impressive! I have complete confidence in recommending Rabbi Sultan to anyone.

Dr. Alan L. Nagar, MD Director
Pediatric Emergency Children's Hospital Los Angeles

My family recently had the privilege of Rabbi Meir Sultans services in performing the circumcision of our 8 day old grandchild. As an ER physician with 30 years experience, I can say I was extremely impressed with Rabbi Sultan’s professionalism and attention to detail. His skill rivals that of the best of Urologist. The procedure was quick, efficient, sterile, and from what I could observe, painless. I would highly recommend Rabbi Sultan to anyone in need of such services.

Dr. Joseph W Richardson, MD
Emergency Medicine

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