Why a Mohel?

So Why not just a Doctor or any Mohel for that matter? This is a great question which is commonly asked. It is important that the Mohel Doctor San Francisco should be one who is steeped in Torah knowledge and trained in the medical and physiological aspects of circumcision. A Mohel should be a righteous, God fearing, observant Jew in the tradition of the first Mohel, our patriarch Abraham.

As per traditions, Mohels have been used to perform Brit. A Mohel is trained in the medical and surgical aspect of circumcision. Due to their vast experience in this field even doctors seek their advice and guidance while dealing with complication related cases. Even non Jewish communities that practice circumcision, search for Mohels due to the quick and less painful manner they perform the procedure. A Mohel who works full time as a specialist will certainly have done more circumcisions than a Pediatricans or an OBGYN.

Apart from being a specialist in ritual circumcisions, a Mohel is also an expert of the Jewish law in reference to Brit Milah. A circumcision performed by a secular non observant Jewish doctor, does not fulfill all the requirements of Brit Milah and cannot be considered valid as per the Jewish Law. It is considered valid only when it’s performed by a Mohel who grasps, upholds and strictly practices the Jewish Law. To name a few examples, Doctor’s will often times use instruments that cut very little foreskin thereby questioning the validity of the Bris. A Doctor Mohel may use instruments that prolong the surgery thereby causing more unnecessary pain to the baby. A Doctor is not supposed to circumcise until day 8, Doctors will regularly circumcise 24 hours after the child is born in Hospitals. From a spiritual perspective, the Doctor must be fluent in the necessary order of blessings, so as to recite the full ceremony properly.