Rabbi Sultan uses an advanced, state of the art ultra sterile bandage, which he calls the ‘Wonder Bandage’. This bandage is applied to the baby’s wound and enables a very quick clotting and healing, thus allowing for a quicker and healthier healing process. Most Mohel’s use standard bandages, which are left on the wound for a longer period of time, varying form 24-48 hours, thus creating more chances for an infection. Additionally, they put pressure on the wound, causing the baby much discomfort, and with it, a susceptibility to contract a UTI (urinary tract infection.) As well, Rabbi Sultan does not use any painful clamping instruments on the baby’s foreskin such as the Mogen or Gomco Clamp. This ‘Wonder Bandage’, however, is removed immediately after the circumcision, allowing the wound to recover in a more safe, rapid, healthy and natural way. What is unique about Rabbi Sultan, is how he is constantly improving his methods and techniques. His knowledge is exceptional and even Doctors seek his advice on complicated cases which find their way to their offices.

Rabbi Sultan has treated countless babies around the country and around the world with this most unique method, thereby earning him a sterling reputation.

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