Can adults get circumcised and if so does it hurt? These are great questions I am commonly asked from adult males who missed out on their circumcision as infants or would simply like to explore this new exciting alternative. The answer is a clear and unequivocal YES! Circumcision for adults can be performed at any age and is never too late. It has actually become quite common today more than ever for adults to perform such procedures. The actual surgery does not hurt since local anesthetics are injected thereby numbing the entire area. Across cultures, circumcisions are commonly practiced for health benefits. For the Jewish adult, there is the added spiritual element which circumcision represents; a physical sign of a spiritual covenant between man and God. This definitely is an important step for any Jewish male seeking to strengthen his connection to God and the Jewish nation. The procedure is done in a controlled medical environment, absolutely safe, in the presence of California’s finest Urologists and includes professional follow up care.